Hero Rush Tower Defense Unblocked

Hero Rush Tower Defense Unblocked is a 2D action game made with Unity. In it, you defend your land by placing towers on specific locations on the game map, which changes at every level.

Choose your hero and set the difficulty level before entering the battlefield. Then, you are ready to place your defense towers at certain points on the map. In this strategy game, you must try to survive until the attack waves end!


Desktops and Laptops

  • Left-Click: To Place Towers
  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Navigate the Map
  • Mouse Scroll: Zoom in/out

Mobile Devices

  • Tap on a specific location to place towers.
  • Use the touchscreen to navigate the map.

Place the Towers Strategically

To stop the invaders, strategically place your defense towers in the battling arena. If any of the enemies manage to enter the castle, you will lose one of your twenty lives.

When the number of lives reaches zero, the game is over! To prevent this, the most logical thing to do is to find the critical points on the map and build the towers there.

The Names of the Towers

In this action game, you can build four kinds of towers: Archer, Infantry, Cannoneer, and Magic Dragon. Each tower has specific abilities for attacking enemies such as Pirates, Barbosas, Lupins and more.

Over time, you will unlock new kinds of enemies. Some enemies attack from land, and some from air. That's why, when building a tower, you should choose the one according to the type of your enemies.

Heroes in Hero Rush Tower Defense

  • Sir Galahad
  • Ashi
  • Wukong
  • Shaman King
  • Golem
  • Nature Queen
  • Thor
  • Ninja
  • Tristana
  • Jungle Lord
  • Steel Dragon
  • Phoenix


You can play Hero Rush Tower Defense on a web browser on the following devices.

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • Mobile Devices


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Who Created Hero Rush Tower Defense?

FreezeNova developed this strategy game.

Can I play Hero Rush Tower Defense on my school Chromebook?

Yes! You can play this action game on your school Chromebook for free on TotallyScience.co.

Can the selected heroes attack the enemies in the game?

Yes, they can engage in battles when necessary. All the heroes have specific abilities. Choose the hero you want to attack with and click on the related attack icons in the screen's lower right corner.

Hero Rush Tower Defense Summary

To summarize, it is a thrilling defense game where you must act strategically. Determine the most proper towers to build and place them on the critical points of the battling arena. Enjoy playing Hero Rush Tower Defense unblocked on TotallyScience.co as you wish!

Hero Rush Tower Defense Play Unblocked