Stunt Simulator 2 Unblocked

  • Stunt Simulator 2 Unblocked┬áis a 3D driving game crafted with Unity. Your main objective in the game is to freely wander around the game map, drift and perform stunts using the ramps.
  • Take control of your stunt car as you roam freely across dynamic maps, executing jaw-dropping drifts and gravity-defying stunts off colossal ramps.
  • Choose your desired map and vehicle to begin driving your stunt car, and select your vehicle among ten unique cars.
  • Then, you are all ready to set off! Step on the gas pedal and enter a ramp at high speed to fly in the air in this simulator game!


  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move
  • Spacebar: Handbrake
  • Left-Shift: Nitro
  • ESC: Pause

Use the Giant Ramps

Your goal in this stunt game is to perform flyovers and barrel rolls using the giant ramps on the chosen game map. All you need to do is press the gas pedal and accelerate towards a ramp.

When you fly into the air and reach a certain height, steer your vehicle left or right. This way, you can perform barrel rolls. Likewise, you can move the car forward and backward. You're free to try anything that comes to your mind!

Your Vehicle Options

This car game offers ten unique vehicles to drive, drift and perform stunts. You can find a super fast car or a truck among them. Or you can drive a coupe or drift with a big rig. We leave the driving experience here entirely to your imagination. You can find the names of the vehicles below!

  • Compact
  • Muscle
  • Coupe
  • Sport
  • Super
  • Truck
  • Racer
  • Concept
  • APC
  • Big Rig

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You can play Stunt Simulator 2 on a web browser on the following devices.

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebooks



Who Created Stunt Simulator 2?

FreezeNova developed this simulator game.

Can I play Stunt Simulator 2 unblocked?

Definitely! You can play Stunt Simulator 2 unblocked on as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Can I shift my car to manual in Stunt Simulator 2?

Yes, you can change the transmission of your car from the options section. Click on the Manual Transmission button to shift from automatic to manual.

Stunt Simulator 2 Conclusion

Overall, this car game offers its players to drive their cars without any limit or danger. Earn points by drifting or performing barrel rolls. Enjoy playing Stunt Simulator 2 unblocked on for free as you wish!

Stunt Simulator 2 Play Unblocked