Ball Blast Unblocked

Ball Blast Unblocked is a 2D arcade game created with Scratch. You will steer a cannon from left to right to aim at the numbered shapes in the game. You must shoot the shapes with the exact number of cannon balls written on them to explode them.

Avoid falling shapes getting in contact with the cannon. Try to survive as long as you can in this skill game. Let's see what level you can reach!

Falling Shapes

  • You will see giant geometric shapes in the sky when you start the game.
  • They will slowly move from top to bottom.
  • Your primary goal is to destroy the shapes without allowing them to come into contact with the cannon.
  • To do that, steer it from left to right. It will start to shoot cannonballs at the same time.
  • Aim on the shapes and break them into smaller pieces.
  • Until you eliminate all the small ones, perform shots as many times as the number they have.

Upgrade Your Cannon

As you progress in the arcade game, you will encounter more geometric shapes with higher numbers. To achieve success in later levels, you must enhance your cannon's power. Use the coins that dropped from the eliminated shapes to upgrade it.

Enhance your gun's fire speed to perform shots faster. Strengthen its firepower and increase the number of coins you earn. You can also increase the volume of your offline earnings.


Desktops and Computers

  • Mouse (drag left and right): To shoot
  • A/D or Left/Right Arrow Keys: To steer the cannon
  • Spacebar: To shoot

Mobile Devices

  • Swipe: To shoot

Upgrades in Ball Blast

  • Fire Speed
  • Fire Power
  • Coins
  • Offline Earnings


You can play Ball Blast on a web browser on the following devices.

  • Desktops
  • Computers
  • Chromebook
  • Mobile Devices

Release Date

September 13, 2018.



Who Created Ball Blast?

Voodoo developed this skill game.

Can I play Ball Blast on the school Chromebook?

Yes, you can play the game on your school Chromebook with a stable internet connection.

Can I change my cannon's look in Ball Blast?

You can unlock four unique cannon designs, from Circus to Rocket. To view your options, click on the cannon icon at the left corner of the screen.

Ball Blast Conclusion

To sum up, Ball Blast is a delightful arcade game with captivating graphics. Upgrade your cannon's firepower and fire speed to advance in levels alongside other enhancements. The best part is you can play Ball Blast unblocked on TotallyScience.Co.

Ball Blast Play Unblocked