Bubble Shooter Unblocked

Bubble Shooter Unblocked is a 2D puzzle game crafted with HTML5. In the game, your job is to pop the bubbles on the screen with an arrow shooter. Match three or more bubbles in the same color by shooting at them.

This way, you will clear the area from these colorful balls. In this match-3 game, the more bubbles you eliminate with one hit, the more points you get. Let's see what your highest score will be!

Do Not Miss Your Shot

  • Your main aim in the game is to remove as many bubbles from the screen as possible.
  • You must aim well at them to combine at least three bubbles.
  • When you successfully combine bubbles with ones of the same color, they will disappear.
  • However, if you fail to create a cluster, you will lose one of the five silver balls.
  • When you miss all five shots, the game will add new rows to the screen.
  • The player will have four new silver balls after the new rows.

Master Angled Shots

If you find it challenging to create clusters with bubbles in the front row, you can try to reach the inner balls. Practice performing angled shots to do that.

Use the side walls to make curved shots. Think of it like curling shots in a billiards game. This strategy can take you a long way.



  • Left-Click: To Fire a Bubble

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to fire a bubble in a particular direction.


You can play Bubble Shooter on a web browser on the following devices.

  • Desktops
  • Computers
  • Chromebook
  • Mobile Devices

Release Date

September 2018

Who Created Bubble Shooter?

Absolutist originally created Bubble Shooter. It is a modern version of the popular puzzle game.

Can I play Bubble Shooter for free?

You can play Bubble Shooter on TotallyScience.co for free with a stable internet connection.

What can we do if I cannot create any cluster?

Choose a single bubble that corresponds to the launcher to set up an upcoming shot if there isn't a way to form a cluster.

Bubble Shooter Conclusion

Overall, Bubble Shooter is an enjoyable match-3 game in which you strive to pop all the bubbles on the screen. Fortunately, you have your silver balls in case you fail to create a cluster. You can play Bubble Shooter unblocked on TotallyScience.co as you wish.

Bubble Shooter Play Unblocked