Candy Crush Unblocked

Cracking sweets, crushing yummy candies, squishing gummy bears and spreading jellies everywhere! Playing Candy Crush feels like heaven! Match 3 sets of candies of the same color and make a mess with all the sweets.

Candy Crush Unblocked is a web-based puzzle game where you clear out tiles by collecting candies. With 100 levels, all unlocked and each bringing new challenges, it will be a delicious adventure.

Candy Crush Story

The cake chef could use some help. All the ingredients she needs are under the piles of candies and gummies. Clear out all, and collect ingredients such as milk and fruits to hand in her. She'll appreciate your efforts and bake a huge cake for you at the end!

How to Play?

  • Start with the first level with a 6x6 grid full of sweets.
  • Move candies to make a row or column from 3 candies of the same color to collect them.
  • Create combos by matching more than 3 candies.


  • Striped Candies: Match 4 candies in a row or column to create a striped candy. It clears the row or column it stands when activated.
  • Gummy Bears: Match 4 candies in a square for gummy bears. They fly and remove 2 random items in the grid when you swap them.
  • Wrapped Candies: Match 5 candies in L or T shape to make a wrapped candy. Wrapped candy will blow up and clear the 3x3 grid around it.
  • Color Bomb: Match 5 in a row or column to craft a color bomb. Swap the color bomb with candy of any color to clear all instances of that color. If you swap two color bombs (as rare as a blue moon), all candies will be removed from the board. 


Each level has a combination of different quests and grid shapes with increasing difficulty. The quests are mainly as follows:

  • Crush Sugar Squares: On some levels, you'll see sugar-coated candies (watch out for your teeth) Crush the sugar squares to collect underneath.
  • Spread Jelly: Some of squares have jellies on it. Swap the candies with jelly to spread all of the grid.
  • Destroy Cookies: Swap candies around cookies a few times to remove them.   
  • Collect Candies: You need to achieve a certain number of candies specified in the level.
  • Collect Ingredients: Drop ingredients such as milk or fruits to the bottom to collect them. Match all the candies under the ingredients.


  • Use your cursor or touchscreen.


Candy Crush is an HTML5 game that can be played on a web browser on any smart device, including mobiles and tablets.


Candy Crush Unblocked is an online puzzle game that requires players to collect candies by clearing tiles. It comprises 100 levels, each with unique challenges, and players need to collect ingredients to bake a cake at the end. The game features a variety of combos, quests, and controls, and it is compatible with any smart device via a web browser. Play it now on for free, without download.

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