Death Run 3D Unblocked

Death Run 3D Unblocked is an endless running game created with Unity. You will realize that it resembles Slope when you start playing it. However, the difference between this game and other running games is that it has a first-person view.

This point of view makes it difficult to detect obstacles beforehand while moving through the neon tunnel. Keep your eyes wide open and overcome all the obstacles in this arcade game!

The Neon Tunnel

  • There is a neon tunnel with no end. And it is full of obstacles.
  • Some obstacles can be detected from afar, but others come unexpectedly.
  • You must trust your reflexes while moving forward on this tunnel.
  • Some of the blocks you see on the road can suddenly change places.
  • You must adapt to the tunnel's changeable environment to achieve the highest records.
  • You can create strategies for yourself to avoid crashing with any of the blocks. As you practice, you will have the idea necessary to create one.
  • The structure of the tunnel may also cause optical illusions. Be on alert!

Maelstrom or Superliminal?

  • There are four unique terrains to run on, each with varying difficulties.
  • Maelstrom is the most basic track among others. You will encounter fewer obstacles here. At the same time, the running speed is slower.
  • On the other hand, the Superliminal track consists of moveable blocks. They are the kind of obstacles that unexpectedly move on the tunnel.
  • The other two Hyper Maelstrom and Hyper Superliminal terrains are the more challenging versions of these tracks. These are both for pro runners!


  • Arrow Keys: To Move

Game Modes in Death Run 3D

  • Maelstrom
  • Superliminal
  • Hyper Maelstrom
  • Hyper Superliminal


You can play the running game on a web browser on the following devices.

  • Desktops
  • Computers
  • Chromebook



Who Created Death Run 3D?

Filippo Ceffa developed it.

Can I play Death Run 3D unblocked?

Yes, you can play Death Run 3D unblocked on

What is the highest record in Death Run 3D?

The highest score, for now, is 6426. Join the ranks of top players!

Death Run 3D Summary

Overall, it is a thrilling arcade game with its fast-paced environment, including neon blocks. Sudden obstacles require quick maneuvering, challenging your reflexes. The best part is that you can play Death Run 3D unblocked on for free.

Death Run 3d Play Unblocked

This article was updated on May 8, 2024