Drift Boss Unblocked

Welcome to Drift Boss Unblocked; the game makes you feel like you’re steering your favorite toy car on the road rug in the preschool classroom again. Mimicking engine roars and squeezes of drift was exciting back then, wasn’t it? So, come and play your favorite game on your web browser instead of on the road rug this time. 

Drift Boss is a 3D drifting game where you aim to drive as long as possible -without falling into space- on a tricky path. Simple and colorful graphics mislead you into thinking it’s an easy game. But trust us, the gameplay requires a lot of precision skills. Now, let’s get into the grips of what the game offers to us.

Beginners Guide for Drift Boss

While striving to become the boss of drifting with only one button, there are certain tips to keep in mind. We will give you all of them as briefly as possible.

So, let’s say you give it a few tries, and it didn’t go as long as you expected.

  • The first thing to do is drift in time. The friction on the path is extremely high, and that makes you fall early. Understand how much you slide on the track and turn only when you are very close to the bend.
  • Most might say the second trick is using power-ups, but actually, it’s not. Since you have a limited number of power-ups, we don’t recommend you to waste them early. First, you should buy a new vehicle which has a better grip on the road. Of course, the grip of the car increases with price.
  • If you’re patient enough, play until you can afford the first 4 vehicles in the garage. Since lightweight cars tend to spin out more, we suggest you not waste your coins with the first three cars and buy a van or truck
  • As you can predict, the firetruck is the one with the best grip among them. However, it’s pricy, and saving up that much from scratch might be long and frustrating. So, for the first purchase, our suggestion is the blue minivan. It comes for 350 coins and would be the perfect vehicle to drift like a boss.


  • Green Car - Free
  • Yellow Car - 250 coins
  • Police Car - 300 coins
  • Blue Minivan - 350 coins
  • Icecream Truck - 400 coins
  • Ambulance - 450 coins
  • Firetruck - 500 coins


You got used to controls, bought a new vehicle and are ready to beat your record. Now it’s time to use boosters. There are three types of power-ups in the game, each serving different levels of players. Pick one or more before starting a round.

  • If you plan to purchase a new vehicle and need to save up some coins for it, go for Coin Rush. Normally you would see a few coins after every turn in the path. But using this booster will make your path full of coins.
  • If you’d like to show off your friends with your high score, you can use the Double Score power-up. Simply, it’ll double your score while the distance you drive is the same.
  • Last but not least, the Car Insurance. Suppose you are doing well in the game, but that certain spot ruins your streak; it’s time to insure your car. It will work as a checkpoint when you fall. And you can start from where you left off while using this booster. The downside is insurance pays for only one crash per round.

Daily Rewards and Spins

Keep coming back every day to get your daily reward and spin the wheel of fortune. Earn boosters or coins that’ll make your progress in the game much faster.


  • Desktop: Space or LMB to turn right, release to steer left
  • Mobile: Touch and hold the screen to turn right, and release it to turn left


You can play Drift Boss on a web browser on the following devices

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebook
  • Android
  • iOS

Release Date

December 2019

Who Created Drift Boss?

Market JS created this game.


Drift Boss is a 3D drifting game available on Totally Science. To progress, you must navigate a tricky path without falling off. Time your drifts correctly and buy a new vehicle with a better grip. Use power-ups like Coin Rush, Double Score, and Car Insurance.

The game is compatible with all kinds of smart devices. So, why are you steering the wheel while you can drift through turns? Start playing Drift Boss Unblocked now! 

Drift Boss Play Unblocked