Elastic Man Unblocked

Are you a fan of fidget toys? Then you may have been through phases of playing with fidget spinners, pop-its, squishy balls, kinetic sands and many more. The soft texture of the sensory toys helps many people relieve stress and improve focus.

Some use them as a distraction to avoid nail biting or other harmful habits, while others play them just for fun. Fidget toys somehow have an immersive nature; once a person next to you starts playing with them, you may find yourself begging him to let you play with his toy for a while.

Virtual Stress Relief

Leaving the physical fidget toys aside, we introduce you to a brand new way of fidgeting with a squishy doll. Meet Elastic ManĀ Unblocked! He is unbreakable, and his face is as flexible as a rubber band.

If your friend doesn't want to share his toy with you, open your browser, head over to Elastic Man, and start playing. You'll see the tables are turned now, and he keeps asking you the name of the game you're playing.

About Elastic Man

Elastic Man is a 3D game where you mess with Morty's flexible face, drag and drop his skin, and enjoy satisfying visuals and funny sounds it makes.

This crazy unblocked game will have you rolling the aisles. Open the game, turn on the volume, and start playing as you desire. No aims, no missions complete. Play the game just for fun!



  • Drag and release the left mouse button to play with Morty's face


  • Tap and drag to pull his face


You can play Elastic Man Unblocked on a web browser on the following devices.

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • Android
  • iOS

Who Created Elastic Man?

David Lii made this game using neural networks.


Elastic Man is a web game with satisfying visuals. Unbreakable Morty will be your best friend, especially when you're nervous. play it on any device and network, even the blocked ones via Totally Science. Remember to come back daily and grab a bite of the fun we offer!

Elastic Man Play Unblocked