Get on Top Unblocked

Get on Top Unblocked is a 2D stickman game crafted with Construct 3 technology. In the game, two stickmen will participate in a wrestling contest in rounds. You must master controlling your stickman's body movements to get on top.

In this action game, you must make your enemy's head hit the ground to win each round. The one who makes the most scores wins the wrestling contest! You can also challenge your friend to fight in the two-player mode.

Stay Away from the Floor

When you enter the game, you will see two stickmen holding each other tightly. You must jump and move forward/backward to knock down your opponent. Make him lose his balance to get his neck hit the ground.

To defeat your opponent, you need to master controlling your character. The first move of either side can determine the course of this wrestling match. You must choose your first move well to turn the advantage in your favor.

Challenge Your Friend

You can participate in wrestling matches with a friend. All you need to do is choose the "2P" mode from the menu and have your friend near you. The contest winner is the one who wins 11 rounds.

Challenging yourself with an acquaintance is one of the best ways to have fun. To beat your friend, we recommend you use your character's weight to your advantage while trying to make him turn upside down.


1 Player

  • Left Arrow: Move Left
  • Right Arrow: Move Right
  • Up Arrow: Jump

2 Players

Left Player

  • A: Move Left
  • D: Move Right
  • W: Jump

Right Player

  • Left Arrow: Move Left
  • Right Arrow: Move Right
  • Up Arrow: Jump

Mobile Devices

  • Use the arrow signs on the touchscreen.

Game Modes in Get on Top

  • 1P
  • 2P


You can play Get on Top on a web browser on the following devices.

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • Mobile Devices

Who Created Get on Top?

Neplingamestudio developed Get on Top.

Can I play Get on Top unblocked?

Yes, you can play Get on Top unblocked on with a stable internet connection.

What is the best way to defeat the opponent stickman?

The best way to defeat your opponent in wrestling matches is to make him lose his balance while trying to keep yours.

Get on Top Bottom Line

Overall, it is a thrilling stickman game where you can duel with a friend in a wrestling arena. Or, you can simply do a match against the AI. The best part is you can play Get on Top unblocked on for free.


Get on Top Play Unblocked