Speedrun Parkour Unblocked

Speedrun Parkour Unblocked is a 2D arcade game made with HTML5. In the game, you will guide a boy who is called Alex. He needs to complete each parkour by overcoming all the obstacles he encounters on his way.

Help him to climb over the containers and boxes to reach the finish line. However, you cannot let him fall from the high altitudes. The faster you finish each parkour, the better you are in this running game!


Desktops and Laptops

  • W/Up Arrow/Spacebar: To Jump
  • D or Right Arrow Key: Move Forward
  • A or Left Arrow Key: Move Backward

Mobile Devices

  • Use the virtual buttons on the screen to navigate Alex.

Navigate Alex

  • When you enter this arcade game, you will find Alex on a platform in the sky. He needs to move forward to reach the finish line in each parkour.
  • However, he must overcome all the challenges he will encounter on the road. You will feel like you are playing Only Up while guiding Alex!
  • There will be many containers in different shapes and little boxes to step on. There will also be many other obstacles, like chainsaws.
  • Make him run, jump and climb over all these objects scattered in the air to complete the parkours. If he slips through any of the gaps, you need to restart that level.

Watch for Wider Gaps

In later levels, Alex will face wider gaps. However, he can use the elevators to pass these gaps. Some of the elevators move up and down, and others move left and right, like sliding floors.

Before jumping on them, understand their moving dynamics. They may be challenging, but they can help you move forward quickly. Otherwise, Alex may find himself falling down.

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You can play Speedrun Parkour on a web browser on the following devices.

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • Mobile Devices

Release Date

February 4, 2022



Who Created Speedrun Parkour?

FreezeNova created this game.

Can I play Speedrun Parkour for free?

Absolutely! You can play this parkour game for free on TotallyScience.co with a stable internet connection.

How many levels are there in Speedrun Parkour?

There are 30 challenging parkours. Each of them comes with more complicated obstacles.

Bottom Line

In summary, helping Alex to overcome various obstacles will not be easy. However, you will enjoy guiding him through the challenges. The best part is you can play Speedrun Parkour unblocked on TotallyScience.co for free!

Speedrun Parkour Play Unblocked