Stick Guys Defense Unblocked

Stick Guys Defense Unblocked is a 3D action game crafted with Unity. In the game, evil creatures run towards your castle. You need to stop them with your soldiers. Enhance your soldiers so that the enemies cannot approach the castle.

This invasion will not stop. In this tower defense game, you must resist the attacks as long as you can! Guard your castle from the enemies. If twenty of them manage to enter it, you will lose your fortress.


  • Mouse Click: To Defend the Castle

Start Battle: Season 1

When you enter the battlefield, your soldiers will be ready in two rows. The front row is for your swordsmen's units. The archer units stand in the back to support the swordsmen.

Keep in mind that your enemies will come towards the castle from all directions. You must keep your eyes wide open to survive the wave of attacks in this action game! Additionally, upgrading your soldiers will greatly benefit you to make progress.

Enhance Your Army

Over time, the intensity of the attacks will increase. You must be ready for all kinds of situations. So, upgrading your unit will be inevitable to defend your tower. There are three upgrades that you can acquire from the bottom of the screen.

The first upgrade allows you to upgrade the power of your swordsmen. The second is for your archer units. The final upgrade enables you to increase the coins you get from the killings.


You can play Stick Guys Defense on a web browser on the following devices.

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebooks



Who Created Stick Guys Defense?

Stick Guys Defense was developed by FreezeNova.

Can I play Stick Guys Defense for free?

Yes! You can play this action game for free on for free if you have a stable internet connection.

Is there any power-up to assist me in Stick Guys Defense?

You will see an exclamation mark with a blue bar on the screen. When this bar is filled, you will have a random power-up. The power-up you will get is a complete surprise!

Stick Guys Defense Summary

Overall, it is a thrilling tower defense game in which your job is to protect your castle from the invasion of stickman soldiers. Guard your castle no matter what! The best part is that you can play Stickman Guys Defense unblocked on for free as you wish!


Stick Guys Defense Play Unblocked