Survival Race Unblocked

Fuel up! A freaky race on the ice starts soon! Unlike other car racing games, the aim of the Survival Race Unblocked is not to cross the finish line first but to survive in the arena. 

You'll spawn at full speed on an icy arena with holes scattered around. Collect coins, jump and roll over holes, outlast all other cars and win the race of survival!

Competition is fierce, and the other cars strive to cause your car to crash and drop out of the arena. Stay strong, withstand their efforts, and perform your best!

Unlock New Cars

Every coin you collect and every stunt in the air will make you closer to a new shiny car on the road. Unlock brand-new vehicles to stand out.

Twenty cool cars in the garage with customizable colors await you. Better cars will give you better grip and more precision while drifting. All you should do is kick out a few cars from the arena, collect coins, roll, win races, and level up. You'll soon be able to access all the vehicles in the garage.

Steer On Your Way

Every car in the arena leaves skidmarks with the same color as the car. The path a car drives through disappears for a few seconds and creates holes in the arena. So don't chase after other cars using the same road to avoid falling. Steer on your way and appear in front of them. 



  • Steer Left: A/Left Arrow
  • Steer Right: D/Right Arrow
  • Roll: S/Down arrow
  • Jump: W/Up arrow/Spacebar/LMB
  • You can also drag the mouse to steer


Use the virtual joystick on the touchscreen to steer the car


You can play Survival Race on a web browser on the following devices

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebook
  • Android
  • iOS


  • English
  • Russian
  • Turkish

Can I play cool racing games unblocked?

Yes, is filled with cool car racing games that you can play unblocked.


Survival Race, a 3D car racing game unblocked, brings a new type of race into the arena with its strange gameplay. Steer a a sports car, avoid falling and kick out other cars. 3D visuals and engine sound effects add to the thrill. Play Survival Race Unblocked for free on TotallyScience now!


Survival Race Play Unblocked