There is No Game Unblocked

What are you looking for here? Entertainment? A funny puzzle? We told you there is no game on this page. Close this tab right now—it's forbidden! Go take a walk or read a book. You will not find the joy you are searching for on this page! 

Omg! Are you still reading? You are as stubborn as a goat. You will keep tagging along, won't you? Okay, there may be a game. But do not open it. And never listen to the narrator. He may give you some clues we don't want you to hear! If by any chance you opened the game (or nongame), do not try to sound on because we do not want anyone to have a great time playing "There is No Game".

You opened it and turned the sound on, didn't you? We don't know how to cope with you! Sssh! Come closer, it's a secret. Never tell anyone about this game. We don't advise you to play it, but if you're still insisting, try to drop the "o" letter in the title. Shut the narrator's mouth. He will try his best to deter you from playing it. If you want to ruin all the fun of solving this puzzle, keep reading this post.

How To Play

  • To begin playing, click on the letter 'O' in the title until you drop it. 
  • Keep the volume up; the narrator will give you clues occasionally. But be careful—he also lies a lot!
  • Think outside of the box to outsmart him. And here is a last hint for you: try to find the GOAT! 🐐

What is There is No Game?

There is No Game Unblocked is a web-based puzzle game that will try to convince you not to play itself. The narrator tries to trick players and convince them there is no game. It provokes persistence in players to bully the narrator into solving the puzzle. The gameplay goes beyond traditional puzzles and forces players to find a way to break any constraints.


  • Use your mouse


You can play it on a web browser on the following devices

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebook

Release Date

May 2017




  • English
  • Français


  • Kamizoto made this game.


Is There is No Game free?

Yes, it is free and unblocked to play on 

Is there an ending to There Is No Game?

There are actually two endings. And it's up to you to choose one. The one ending is where the player forgives the game. And the other is where it is unforgiven of lies and unreliability.

How many hours is There Is No Game?

Playing from start to finish might take 15 to 25 minutes, depending on puzzle-solving skills. 

How do you break a nut in There Is No Game?

It is one of the hardest parts of the puzzle: Drop the metal box on top of the nut to crack it.


Go for a comedy adventure on this page. Disobey the rules and break a few things to open the game. The best part is that you can play There is No Game unblocked on If you like to take on challenges, try to beat World’s Hardest Game now!

There is No Game Play Unblocked