Tiny Crash Fighters Unblocked

Tiny Crash Fighters Unblocked is a 2D action game made with HTML5. Your main job in the game is to create your machine by embodying it with weapons. Your machine and other machines will make war in the battling arena!

You need to survive many attack waves consecutively. Create a robot that can resist all kinds of vehicles in the arena in this strategy game! Let’s see how many waves you can handle.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Use your mouse to craft your machine.

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to create your robot.

Crafting the Robot

  • Before you enter the arena, you must strategically craft your robot. It must be strong enough to withstand the enemies it will encounter one after another.
  • Start with choosing your vehicle. There are six of them in various sizes. Some of them are small, and some are tall. And some are wide.
  • You can then add weapons to your vehicle. While creating it, consider that the firearm you craft it with can target the enemy’s machine well.
  • Otherwise, you can’t explode your rival’s robot in this action game! Keep in mind that you can battle with the CPU in the Quick Fight GO!
  • Versus GO! will enable you to fight with other players. Test your robot’s endurance against theirs!

Weapons in Tiny Crash Fighters

This puzzle game offers you many weapons with which to craft your vehicle. In the first place, you will have a saw. As you earn coins from the waves, you claim victory, and you can unlock 9 new weapons. Spike balls, rocket launchers and many other weapons are waiting for you to unlock them!

Additionally, you can purchase bigger wheels for your vehicle from the main menu. We recommend that you adjust your tires, taking into account that sometimes the robots may get on top of each other!


You can play Tiny Crash Fighters on a web browser on the following devices.

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • Mobile Devices



Who Created Tiny Crash Fighters?

InfinitySoft developed this action game.

Can I play Tiny Crash Fighters unblocked?

Yes! You can play Tiny Crash Fighters unblocked on TotallyScience.co for free.

Are there any obstacles in the battling arena?

The walls of the arena are pitted with saws. After a while, they will start to move towards each other. They will press the machines if one of them can’t manage to defeat the other one before the walls move.

Tiny Crash Fighters Bottom Line

Overall, it is a thrilling strategy game where you craft your deadly machine to defeat others. Enjoy playing Tiny Crash Fighters unblocked on TotallyScience.co for free! Additionally, don’t forget to share your gaming experiences with us.

Tiny Crash Fighters Play Unblocked