Drift Hunters 2 Unblocked

The wait is finally over for drift enthusiasts who have gobbled up all of the car games online! The favorite of the many, the game pushes the limits of virtuality; Drift Hunters comes with even better features this time. Meet Drift Hunters 2 Unblocked, an ultimate drift game with enhanced graphics, tuning and customization options, and even more challenging tracks.

What is new Drift Hunters 2?

After the initial release of the first game in 2017, we see that Drift Hunters 2 has made significant progress in tuning, garage options, maps, and main menu. 

The most apparent change has been made in the menu, creating a more visually appealing and user-friendly navigation across the garage, tuning, maps and other sections of the game.

While the first game had 10 maps, Drift Hunters 2 offers 15 brand-new maps with unique surroundings. More playgrounds, racetracks and skilled drifting tracks will welcome you with a variety of landscapes.

In addition, the game has been enhanced with in-depth tuning options to keep the drift alive on open roads. You can alter the settings of the front camber, rear height, and many other calibrations to get the best out of even the low-priced cars with stock-level performance like the Toyota AE86. 

Other than that, you can now see the performance details of each car in the garage and how much an upgrade will improve their car's performance.

How to Play Drift Hunters 2 Unblocked?

  • As in the first game, you set your own goals in Drift Hunters 2 unblocked, as well. Explore maps, fastest cars and tuning options to multiply drift scores. 
  • Keep gear low yet speed high. Brake into sharp bends and perform the craziest drifts of all time. 
  • Break your drift score records to earn more coins and buy higher-performance cars. 
  • Upgrade them and paint them as you'd like. 
  • Becoming an ultimate Drift Hunter requires long-term effort; keep coming back to slay with your spin-outs. Your progress will be saved in the browser cache.,


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move the car
  • Spacebar: Handbrake
  • C: Change Camera
  • Left-Shift: Gear Up
  • Left-Ctrl: Gear Down 
  • Alt Gr: Switch to Rear Gear
  • I: Stop the Engine
  • Use your cursor to navigate in the menu.


  • Fog Mountain
  • Akagi
  • Nevada
  • Countryside
  • Ocean City
  • City Streets
  • Waterfront
  • Container Yard
  • Fukushima Hills
  • Karting Loop
  • Icefield
  • New Zealand
  • Ohio
  • Spain
  • Green Stone

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You can play Drift Hunters 2 on a web browser on the following devices

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Chromebooks





Who Created Drift Hunters 2?

Ilya Kaminetsky made the game.

Can I play Drift Hunters 2 on school Chromebook?

Yes, you can play Drift Hunters 2 Unblocked on school Chromebooks on Totally Science.co. We test our games to be compatible with high-tech and budget-friendly devices.

Unblocked Drifting Knows No Bounds

Drift Hunters 2 offers an even more exhilarating ride than the pioneer of the game sequel. With enhanced graphics, tuning options, and more maps to discover, it'll be your next favorite drift game unblocked. Play it on TotallyScience and let us know your best drift scores in the comment section down below!


Drift Hunters 2 Play Unblocked